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Scale Length Affect Piezo Tone?

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Hey, didnt really know where to put this, but I was wondering (assuming we stay in standard tuning)

Does scale length affect the tone of a piezo loaded bridge?

People say that baritones have a more piano like clarity or bell like tone (I dont really know how to describe it, but the tone is different anyway) so surely a piezo bridge that is directly touching the strings and feeding off the vibration would be affected by this?

Would it be better to have a longer or shorted scale length for a piezo bridge? Longer I imagine, for clarity?

Any way, food for thought, might just be tone voodoo though :D



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Longer is generally better, but I think 25-25.5" would be the best because then you can still load larger strings on it and tune to standard. With a long neck like a baritone, you'd have to use a pretty thin set to tune to standard, so you'd lose the benefits of the longer scale.

Heavier strings are where the better tone is probably going to come from.

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