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Gibson Les Paul Special Finish


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--I'm new to this forum. If this post is in the wrong section, please tell me and/or move it.--

Hey all,

I would like to sell my Gibson Les Paul Special (faded red w/ humbuckers).

Here are some pictures



Back (this is the only picture I could find):


So here's the problem...

I got the guitar in 7th grade and got sick of the red finish. With no education on the subject, I sanded away part of the paint job on the back. Luckily, I stopped after a little while.

Here's a picture of the damage:


Now that I want to sell it, I obviously need to fix that area to get the most back.

Considering I have no experience in (re)finishing, would it be better economically for me to do it myself or to pay somebody?

Thanks all!


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You really couldn't fix it without a total refinish on at least the body. To maintain a constant base for a paint job I would remove the rest of the paint and work from there, you probably are better of selling it as is. It's hard to predict what someone would want in a refinished guitar and it will harm the resale value probably way more than you would spend.

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Any luthier that would do an inexpensive finish repair - on just the part that you sanded off - it would still be noticable. Maybe not as obvious as now, but still apparent. Much more so if you try to refinish it yourself. Either would take away from the resale value of the instrument (which is not great to begin with).

It would run at least $300 minimum to finish just the body.

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