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Tung Oil Over Stain? Shellac Over Stain? Poly Over Stain?


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so whats the best way to go here? i want to do a black stain over quilt maple should/ can i tung oil over it? it will be a water based stain, but when its dry it should be fine, no? or should i shellac over the stain? can i shellac over tung oil or is this moot? should i just spray poly (from rattlecan) and buff and polish? i want a real glossy finish. also are micro mesh abraisives (up to 12000 grit) enough for final polish out or should i go a step further with some pumice/rotten stone? im so lost.

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Ummm.... ok.....

If you're end goal is super high gloss a form of lacquer (most available is acrylic) would do, 2-part urethanes also work nicely, but are not really available/easy to use for the hobbyists. Tung oil is a finish in and of itself, that with enough coats can produce quite a nice glossy finish, so can Tru-Oil. Shellacing between items isn't relevant unless you're switching between solvent based products. You "can" add a layer of shellac between the stain and final clear coat as a sealer - not a bad idea, but not 100% necessary. Also, with regards to sanding, look here

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