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Can I Sand Away Stain That Was Rubbed Into Maple?

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I'd like to refinish a guitar body I built a few years ago. It has a maple top and mahogany back. I applied ColorTone stain directly to the maple and sprayed it many times with their spray can Guitar Lacquer. It's dinged up and I wore through the nitrocellulose laquer in a spot. Is it possible to sand away the stain or is it going to be impossible to remove because I rubbed it directly into the wood when I first finished it? I ask because I'm considering a natural finish.

If I can't sand through the stain, maybe I could do a hand rubbed sunburst since the base color is already yellow. If I strip away the lacquer and try to apply stain around the edges will it bleed into the yellow that's already there?

I finished a previous solid mahogany guitar with many coats of wipe on poly. I didn't get as high of a gloss but it looks good and has held up well. Could I used wipe on poly over ColorTone stain?

Here is a picture of my guitar:

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The same thing happened to me... quilt maple top, mahogany back... I was able to sand almost all of the color out of the maple (due to the fact that it is not a porous wood) and any color tint that was left was not noticable after my first coat of stain when I went for round two! but like quarter said.... dont be too aggressive with the sanding because you don't want to change the shape of your guitar too drastically. Goodluck!

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