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Classical Guitar 3 Years In The Making.

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Ive built about 4 electric guitars before, but Ive always wanted to make a classical. I started this project when I was 15 and got to mad at it to finish it. So now 3 years later. I have alot of spare time and I would love to complete it. I started with some Bolivian Mahogany that was my grandfathers. The wood is probably 50+ years old. I also got western red cedar for the top, and cocobolo for the back and sides. I have a book called guitarmaking tradition and techonolgy by william cumpiano. One problem Im seeing is the cocobolo is twisted on the sides and back. Its been laying flat for a few years. I was Thinking about starting the back and sides over and using walnut. Also the first time I glued the veneer on the head stock it came off while I was filing the neck. Now Its almost impossable to gule and veneer on there. any tips?






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Be patient the wood you have is incredible

Save the bolivian mahogany and cocobolo as they are awesome woods.

I am not sure what you mean by "imposable to glue a veneer on there" If it fell off it should be as simple as sanding everything down and re-gluing it with a nice wood glue/hide glue.

I am not sure how bad the warp is but you could heat the wood and clamp it straight until it cools to see if that helps.

If the warps in the sides are not too bad they should come out when you bend the sides with heat.

When you brace the back it should straighten out.

An alternative is to buy some new Walnut back and sides and a Sapele neck blank and build an acoustic. Use the experience to save your great wood!

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I have that book for a project next year. Doesn't he use laminated sides? If so, that should take care of any warp issues that remain after you bend the sides.

The back is a touch trickier, but I'll bet you can use the same method of you have access to a thickness planer and you can't flatten it with steam/heat and some Supersoft2 spray. Pretty wood, so I'd try that first.

Keep us informed on how it goes!


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