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Cool Patterns?


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emu leather...soft, feels good, easily molds to curves...looks a bit like snake skin...hard to catch one but!


A problem with metallic fabrics, sateen, nylons and a lot of stretch fabrics is the gluing...they tend to resist glue!

In fact, many fabrics will stain or run with glue, many will expand when wet with glue then shrink as the glue sets.


Coolness surely is a personal thing :D ...I mean, what is your idea of cool? These a lot of fine prints for babies in pink or blue for instance. Vai did his to match a jacket he particularly liked. You could go a slightly different direction and adhere your own print on paper with a hard finish over it...maybe a picture of yourself...or is that not cool? Generally smaller prints are likely to be more effective and so you might want to look around at the kind of stuff they use for patchwork...usually a very high quality cotton and with patterns and designs suitable for smaller items...I got a great harlequin type of thing once in deep blue, yellow and red and the pattern marked out in gold.

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Ooops... Sorry for possibly messing up your guitar. :D

I know you are talking about a material finish, but if there is no pattern you particularly like, then maybe you should consider something else. I once saw a thread about using Formica for a guitar. They have some cooling looking granite and marble designs, and some metal looking ones, like Copper leaf, which would make a very original style.

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