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i have done it again

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well i done it again, i acquired a takamine gx 100 project, from what i hear takamine only made these in the early 80s and didnt make many solid body guitars at all except around then, so they are supposedly pretty scarce i guess, sadly this ones been butchered, has been attacked with a band saw, they cut the horns so instead of an explorer shape its now almost a bow tie shape, i actually kinda like it, but theres no weight anymore, hell theres no wood, kinda has a flying v feel to it sitting down without the extra wood anymore, and they stripped it clean, its just wood and frets, thats it, ok, i went fle marketing, theres this little old guy that has a stall with a bunch of old guitars and parts, thats why i love going there, anyways, he just gave it to me, the only other problem is the neck is cracked at the headstock under the nut and im presuming where the two woods were joined together to get the headstock angle, also the parts where they cut the wood are just spray painted, they didn't sand or nothing, so you can see the grain big time, it will need stripping and resanding, painting etc... but i got a unique piece of wood, i think its worth trying and saving, who knows, ok suggestions on how to fix the cracked neck, and ill try to get pics of the damage as soon as i can posted, thanks in advance, hmm once you get started on one thing you end up with several dont you hehehe :D anyone else have that problem?


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hey jeremy,

sounds like you got a lot of work to do on this new project. what i want to know is what are you going to do about the shape. it would be interesting to show up on a stage and rock out to a bow tie shaped guitar. hey, if a one of kind piece is what your looking for, sounds like you got it.

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