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Magic Headstock Angle


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As for the scarfs looks I agree, but there are ways to hide 99% of the joint. Just by doing the scarf the normal way, adding a headstock cap top and bottom pretty much removes all sign of the joint, then you can even further hide with some binding on the head stock, it ends up nearly invisible. The other idea is something that I am keen on and that is the way Daniel often does it by doing that reverse scarf and laminating contrasting colors and making the joint a feature of the guitar. Either way looks pretty good. But again I do agree a standard scarf without any headstock caps bugs me too, even with a perfect joint the color and grain just never match perfect enough.

By the way, I am a 13 degree person myself. Don't recall exactly how I got there, some voodoo, some BS, asking the magic 8 ball, some averaging of numbers and because its a lucky number for me. I doubt I'll do anything otherwise, it seemed about perfect for me. J

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True, it's about pleasing the traditionalist in this case. I'm not arguing against the scarf construction. It's simply that I don't quite like how it looks. It's a personal thing, I prefer to build a reasonably strong neck without resorting to scarfing. Still I reserve the right to change my mind at any time... :D

I don't mind a nicely done scarf with contrasting woods.



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There is no use leaving single digits,because we all know simplicity = tone,and upping the number to 12 doubles the typing used to discuss the guitar,complicating the issue and thereby lowering the potential tone of the instrument....

As far as tone goes, didn't Spinal Tap show us that 11 is the best number? I've seen people mentioning this number on the thread, but not for this reason. Perhaps this should be explored further?

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