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Carved Fret Board?

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Has anyone carved the actual fretboard of a guitar before? I was thinking of a 12th fret carving instead of an inlay, and know you would have to leave enough wood either side of the fret for security. I'm guessing that if you can scallop a fretboard you can carve it. Can anyone see a flaw in my thinking?

Well... I guess it would bug some people in terms of playing comfort?

But other then that is there any other real issues I'm missing?



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Well, seeing as the carve would be as deep as half the fretboard thickness in some parts and not carved at others, I don't see it wearing out.

I guess it being difficult to see could be a potential issue, maybe some dying in the recesses of the carve for effect ( that is if the fretboard wasn't ebony)?

I guess with the carve being that deep though comes the possibility of weakening the frets on either side.

I think I may give it a shot on a piece of scrap and see.

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I think this would ultimately end up being a bad idea, for me at least i would have to have a smooth surface for my fingers to bend notes on, ESPECIALLY on the 12th fret.... but if you wanna carve it, AND still have a smooth surface AND make the carve visible, you could always do the carve you want to do, spread some white, blue, green, pink or W/E kind of paint you want to use in the bottom of the carve, and then fill it with layers of epoxy until its flush with the curve of the fretboard. With this method, the shape you carve in the wood will still be conveyed, and its not quite a typical 'inlay'.

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