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Grounding Question

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I agree, but relying on mechanical, rather than soldered connections SOMETIMES causes problems. You could run a ground wire from the switch metalwork to the common grounding point, but route the wire physically close to the metalwork. This reduces the area of any hum loop that may be formed. This also applies to the black wires you have joining the pots together. Push them down to run along against the metal shielding.

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agreed-- further to this, if the metal on the pick guard IS continuous between all those ground points, you'll want to unsolder the ones that go from the back of one pot to the back of the next. Likely, these are all pre-soldered harnesses dropped into a "shielded" pickguard without much care taken for making a nice cleanly laid-out ground.

Potential for ground loops seems to abound in that pickguard.

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