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Pickup Ring Removal


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lol okay. The pickups on my bass are like that. They are attached with a thin wood screw and the spring is below the pickup.

Drill a small hole for the screw to get started.

Screw it in to make the hole. This is how I did it so that the screw would make threads in the wood and hold better.

Then you just have to take the screws back out, put them through the holes on the feet of the pickup, put the springs over the screws and mount the pickups.

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it might help to have a pic to see what you are working with...sometimes the route in there isn't all that neat and it can look a bit weird...often you will have to drill out the pickup mount to fit the screws in (and a thin body sg you are going to have to watch going right through, especially with adjusting pickup height)...also some thick foam is agood way to create a spring under the entire pickup to hold it steady...you want avoid microphonic feeback from the pickups being loose on the guitar...not good!

Remove the screws.

hehehe...that was my immediate response too...pity, it would have been my shortest reply!

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If you can find some hard foam you could also put that behind the pickup just to raise it up a few mm.

I used hard foam and a little piece of metal under the pickups in order to use screws for metal instead of wood ones in my travel guitar. You can see a pic at the middle of this page


Hope that helps. :D

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