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Cutting Bodies With Jigsaw

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One thing that's particularly applicable to jigsaws and curved cuts, although I find it true of most saws, even handsaws, is to let the blade due the work. You can try and push a jigsaw through faster, and you might even get it through faster, your cut is going to suffer.

Thats a great point J and it also makes it much more apparent to whether or not your saw is up to the task and how suited the blade is as well. If the only way you can get a cut is by force then something is wrong. I think the oscillating feature on jigsaws now will go a long way to increase the saws ability, especially for things like rough cutting a blank and the like.

Yes it certainly does. The oscillating makes it much easier to cut, BUT, turn it off when you are trying to navigate any tight curves, as it effectively makes the blade very wide, and therefore, hard to turn.

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Yes, I meant orbital action, don't know why I mixed that up. As for whether to use it or not, just use your best judgement, most saws like the hitachi I mentioned have multiple settings, that one has 4 different levels of orbital action. It depends on the wood and how you plan on cutting it as well. Some hardwoods, you're best bet is to either make a load of relief cuts or drills holes all around it. If you're making many relief cuts, you might as well use the orbital action, but if you drill holes and follow the curves then see if you can get through without it. Just take your time and see how it goes.

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