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Ok, here we go... kpcrash's cheap/fast guide to a smooth painting surface. :D

Assuming you're in the US.... (if not, substitute brands with what's available, as long as it's not enamel paint)

1. You've already sanded it down, so good - make sure it's sanded to 400 grit.

2. Get 1 can of Rustoleum Painter's Touch White Primer and a small container of Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Putty (total about $6)

3. Use the putty for any grain deeper than your fingernail is long (assuming normally trimmed nails or the depth of a b string)

4. Smooth with 400 grit, spray primer every 1/2 hour for 3 coats

5. Sand with 400 grit - surface you see in primer is the surface you will see with paint. Preferably you'd use the same brand of paint as primer (quite important)

If you need more from here, just let me know. This should get you a smooth starting surface.

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It would help a lot to know what is on it, how much is on it (you say you painted it three times...was it painted before that) and how the original paint was prepared and what you are using to paint it with now...

AND...a picture always helps...

If there are paint scratches it is because the preparation is not done properly...as simple as that. Take it back as far as you can, add a filling undercoat, sand that back with light paper till it looks smooth...possibly do it again fi not good enough...then paint it again.

Preparation is 99% of any finish...adding more onto a bad start is rarely helpful. You don't need to take it right beck to bear wood to get a good result, but you can't expect paint to overcome bad prep...just the way it is...

again...more info and pics will give you more results and not try the patience of those who might seek to help!

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