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Check Out What I Put On My Les Paul Custom

Vol. Knob

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She's a recent Epiphone, plays like a dream. It had EMG HZs in it when I got it. Then I got my hands on a set of Reed James Custom Cocobolo Woodbuckers. Mind you, they look really outa place on a black guitar, I think they'll end up being placeholders until I get more suited looking pickups for this guitar, and build another ax around the woodbuckers.

As far as sound, they're wound for a more "vintage" (I hate that word, but everyone uses it...) sound. Very clear and detailed. There's a chime to them that I associate with single coils while still remaining a humbucker with humbuckery characteristics. I've honestly not been a fan of humbuckers until now.

http://www.reedjamescustom.com is their URL.


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Wow, those are pretty snazzy. I bet they're not cheap, either... :D

Check out their website. Not as expensive as they could be, on par with some of the more booteekie parts out there. $345 for a set like mine with mounting rings from the same wood, and thats the most expensive setup he currently sells.

Compare a Duncan Antiquity, its $142 from Warmoth, $284 for a pair without mounting rings. Reed James are $150 sings, $300 for a pair on American hardwoods with no rings. $162.50 or $325 on Exotic without rings. Not that much more.

I think the price is pretty reasonable given how they're cut from exotic woods and made one at a time by one guy who'll make them to your specs. Well worth the price of admission for their look, sound and lack of plastic. Just my opinion. I've thrown larger wads of cash more foolish endeavors.

I have a set of P-90s with wood covers on the way, I have a Warmoth body on order to load them in. I'm expecting a tele set for my thinline soon. Perhaps after tax time I'll do a strat up. I've gone through lots of pickups, Duncans, antiquities, Dimarzio, EMG, GFS (they came on a guitar I bought) etc. These are the first humbuckers I've ever really been pleased with.

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