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Good Source For Pearl and Wood Binding?


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well dupaulesupply.com i think is a good place for shell, and for binding i make my own using diferent woods on the rh1 i used maple/walnut/bass wood. they worked well, also holly and pear wood are good for bending and you can die them different colors easily.

if you have access to a thickness sander you can sand down some strips of the wood to like 1/16 then they will bend nice for you, and also cut them to the rough widths needed so they bend even easier.

im thinking of getting one of those "shark" steamers for the house and using it with a pvc tube to steam the wood for an hour or two then bending it on a mold of my body design this way it will be preshaped before i glue it up.

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Masecraft supply

Depaul supply

Recue pearl

Contact them all and request catalogues. They are worth it.


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