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Knob Removal


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They can be tight to get off if they havent been removed for years. I have used thin bits of wood or hard plastic to protect the finish and use a couple of wood chisels to wriggle and pry them off. Hammering tight knobs on can drive the shaft down out of the pot as well damaging them. I had the same thing happen when I tried to fit the knobs on a P bass and the shaft moved down and popped the cover off the pot but I managed to fix it OK luckily.

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If you put set screw knobs onto split shaft pots, be careful. When I'm stuck doing that (I haven't found a push-pull pot/switch that isn't a split shaft pot for press on knobs) I cut a small piece of guitar pick (I have some that are just about the same size as the slot in a split shaft knob, sometimes they need a little cardstock shim, too) and insert it into the split part of the knob. That way no matter which way you have the set screw, you won't break the knob, and if it ever works loose, neither will the player when they go to tighten it up. (The best solution of course, is to use solid shaft, or d-shaft pots when using set-screw knobs, but if you're reusing old hardware, that's not always an option.)

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