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Wiring A Footswitch

Donut Man

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Hey guys,

I'm planning on making a footswitch for my ENGL Screamer, but It seems a little complicated. There is a standard jack for the channel switching footswitch, and the standard ENGL basically just has two switches with LEDs on.

For footswitch no. 1, the left one controls hi/lo gain and the right one controls Clean/Lead. And that gets you the Clean, Crunch, Soft Lead and Heavy Lead sounds with the respective combinations.

What I want to hopefully do is having 4 buttons in one pedal that will let me access all of those sounds with only one movement per sound. So basically, instead of having to press both switches to get the "Heavy Lead" sound, I'd like to be able to just use one.

ENGL already make a footswitch that does exactly what I want, but it costs about £150, looks like this:


And the problem I have with the ENGL one is that it connects using a proprietary connection, which makes it useless for all other amps

Anyone happen to have a circuit diagram for something like that? (Ignore the two buttons on the right, those connect to the other jack, and control the A/B volume and the reverb)?

EDIT: I've found a schematic for the Z5, but it's full of logic stuff, is it possible to replicate the function of the first 4 buttons in a more simple way?

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I have that footswitch...

There is no reverb....the contour reverb switch somehow switches it to a "mid" ier sound which supposedly plays well with external reverb...I don't use that button...

The volume switch is for leads...in a club when it is time for your lead you switch to "B" volume...which you would have a bit higher so you would cut through sonically...

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