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Output jack


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I use the stereo output jack that stewmac sells. So far, I haven't had much luck in drilling the hole perfectly clean. Each time, the drill bit catches and tears a bit out on the side of the hole on the outside edge.

I'm thinking about trying a fostner bit but I'm not sure if it will tend to walk on me or not. To give you an idea of where I mount it (typically), I use a similar style to the Ibanez RG bodies (not the JEM style).

Do you think the fostner bit would be a better way to go? If so, how do you set it up? Do you use a drill press?

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this is not really relevent to the topic, just an idea i would like to share with everyone, however i have copied it.

i think deep dish jack plates on the side of guitars look really neat and comfortable. that is what i want to do for my project.

i stole this idea from ESP Guitars, but they steal lots of ideas from guitar companies, so as far as i am concerned, it is ok. :D


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