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Airbrush/clearcoat Compatability ?'s


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I'm only exp. using nitro, and find the benefits for my climate quite good so.....I have a friend who is an exceptional airbrush artist and would like him to do a graphic on a body for me, what kind of paint is ok for him to use over a nitro color coated body then I'll finish with clear coats of nitro??? obvious answer would be nitro but I'm hoping more readily avail paints commonly used by airbrush guys will be compatable with nitro. thanks.

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A lot of the top airbrush guys I know all started with nitro back in the day. It can be used through an airbrush quite well you just have to reduce it to the right consistency, where it gets hard to use is the dry times and such. Remember too that using nitro over graphics will require a lot more build than a solid finish to bury the edges etc... So plan on extra coats.

Its hard to develop a paint plan with out knowing what kind of graphic you want. Candies may be required depending on the effect you want.

There's a long lacquer thread over at the Kustom Kulture Lounge regarding lacquer and the uses. A guy named Doc Cyber knows a lot about its uses.

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