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New Strat Project

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I've got too many guitar projects going on as it is, but here goes another. I decided to build a strat after playing litterally dozens of them over the last few weeks. After playing all those guitars I reallized my homebrew guitars are just superior to anything I can afford to buy. Not bragging of being elitist, I'm just really picky. A freind let me play his Ibanez, not sure of the model but it was $1200 used. He played my main homemade axe. He told me my action was better and my guitar played easier. And his guitar played really nice. Mine was just better.

The body is made up of alder, spalted maple and a few strips of spalted elm, spalted ash and cherry for color. Now to glue up some neck stock.



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I'm not sure of the pickup configuration yet. Leaning towards 2 humbuckers in this one. I already have a guitar that doesn't look like a strat, but sounds like one. There is a fine line between spalt and rot. I have never had the need to stabilize spalt. If it is too soft to work with it's rot, and firewood.

Here is how this project actually started, on a morning like this one



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