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Hybrid Trem...? S-zr, Kahler, Floyd?

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So I would love to build a new guitar with one of the new Ibanez SynchroniZR bridges (the one on the SV). I use my wammy enough to want one but not so much I need full dive bomb protection.

So the problems: assuming I could find the Ibanez trem or their other full one (ZR), I hear they are incredibly expensive and a pain to route and set... So what's an alternative? Sure I could get a full floyd rose? Or I hear great things about the Kahler's the only problem....they are hidious! I know it sounds odd, but I really dislike they way they look (especailly compared to the S-ZR or ZR), I looked at Kahler's site and did see one that didn't seem too gaudy (x-trem), and of course it's only sent to manufactures...

So I'm open for opinion and discussion, and if you know where I can get the S-ZR bridge please let me know. or something that looks slick and works.

Thanks in advance.

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