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Please Help With Bridge Selection.

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Hey people!

This is a great forum. I've been browsing around the last couple of days and have picked up some great tips and ideas.

So here is my current issue....

I recently got a Carvin bolt on neck which is supposed to arrive any day now. I'm planning on putting it onto a strat (squire) body that I got a few years ago for a kick around guitar. (I've always played a flying V and its a pain in the ass to play sitting down.)

I originally thought about putting a Floyd Rose Trem on it but I'm a little leary about trying to route out the body to make it fit the floyd. I also don't want to go out and spend a fortune on router bits, jigs, etc...I'd rather spend it on hardware for the build. Not really being much of a whammy player but thought it would be nice to have the option, if I want it.

I also considered putting a hardtail bridge on it but that looks like it will take some work to plug the hole for the trem so the strings can go through the body.

So my question is this....What is going to be the easiest way to do the tail end of the Guitar based on the fact that I can live with or without the whammy.

I'm at the point now that I'm about to say, "to hell with it" and just keep the fender trem on it and add a tremsetter or something to keep it in tune better. Or maybe i should just block and set the trem???

Please, let me know what your thoughts, tip, or ideas might be for my situation. Links to tutorails, good deals on parts, etc...are, of course, welcome too!

Also, please recommend what type of nut or tuners would be best for your bridge/trem suggestions.

Thanks in advance!


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I have the Trem King, works really well, a huge improvement over the Fender trem. Probably not as insane as the Floyd Rose or Kahler type from what I've seen. And kind of pricey.

Have a search for the Trem King thread here somewhere -- someone posted a couple of other options -- there's a FR-style retrofit too, I think.

If you don't care about using the trem, then just block it -- it's easy enough to do : you can put all five springs on there, which will pull the bridge flat to the body. You'd still be able to use the trem a little bit (downwards), and it'll be less likely to go out of tune. If you don't want it at all, just block it with a piece of wood. Easy enough.

Other considerations if you want a trem that stays in tune: locking tuners, graphite/graph tech nut, string trees, and saddles. Although with all that hardware, you'll have one expensive Squier....

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