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Spring Tightening On Trem

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I have a guitar that the tension on the trem pulls the bridge up so that it does not sit flat against the body. How do I tighten the tremolo springs? Do I add more springs, get tighter springs ( if so how do I gauge the tension ), or what do I do to tighten the existing springs?

Any wisdom to share on this?


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take of the back cover... there are two screws holding the trem claw, tighten them to bring the trem down or loosen them to raise it... easy!

i had one that needed this the other day and when i opened it up there where only two springs.... i would have 3 if you play on using the trem with 9's or 10's for the strings. 4 springs if you are using 11's... and 5 if you dont plan on using the trem very often. Some springs are better than others though so it does vary - just experiment with what feels right to you

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i don't know if its right but here is how i have my strat with vintage style trem set up

1st i loaded it up with all 5 springs then i tightened the trem screws down and backed them off a half turn then i cranked the springs down util the back to the trem plate is about 1/16" off the body. and now its fairly stable.

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