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Need Help Picking Out Pretty Parts

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I like the floating tune-o-matic bridges. I threw one on a Harmony Rocket hollowbody that I have and have no complaints. Can't vouch for whatever brand Stew Mac is selling tho.


btw.... I am done with finals today. Will be rebuilding my strat in at most two days :D

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

I'd go with ebony knobs. Definately #2 bridge.

Stew mac sells the ebony knobs.

I also can make you some in a different wood.

It'd be cheap if I did.

PM if interested.

also, send your location

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i dunno bout the bridge or the mic 1/mic 2 thing, but he had custom knobs built for him, they are really sweet, medium round, like a collar, and have numbers in them, he had them custom coloured too, the colour has faded over the years though, so i cant honestly tell you what it is

I would suggest maybe bronze tuning keys with bronze/gold tone/volume knobs, it would look killer!


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