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How To Identifiy A Nitro-cellulose Finish


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I've been shopping for floor stands and or wall hangers for the 3 electrics now parked against my favorite comfy chair. Some of the stands I've found state specifically that they are NOT for use with guitars that have Nitrocellulose finishes.

How can I tell what type of finish is on each guitar?

We have a Lyon Idol LI15 - black, a Washburn Idol WI14 - clear cherry and an Oscar Schmidt OE-30 - black. There will also be an Epiphone Les Paul Standard soon.


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If you can't get the information from the manufacturer then the only way to tell for sure is a bit destructive so I'm not suggesting you do this.....

Nitro cellulose paints/lacquers can be "wetted" with their own thinner, what this means is that the thinner will soften / melt the paint. Poly and arcylics once cured cannot be "wetted" and thinner will not soften the finish.

The problem with the stands / wall hangers is the protective foam that covers the supports which can also mark nitro finished guitars.

Hopefully someone on here can tell you what finish was applied by the manufacturer so you don't have to test your guitars.

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The Epiphone may be lacquer, the others I am unfamiliar with. My suggestion would be to get the stands or hangers you want and rip off the rubber tubing they use. The wrap them with some cloth to protect from the metal. This way won't harm the finish and you get to use the stands you like.

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after you take off the rubber, you can cover the posts with thick felt. Just about any big box store should carry it. It's usually with the stuff to put on the bottom of chairs and tables, so you don't scratch the floor. Pretty sure this wouldn't harm finish, but maybe someone knows better than I? I'm planning on using it on a wood stand I'm making now.

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Whatever you pick, definitely go with wall hangars. Save the floor space for the amps and effects.

The stands are a only temporary measure...

I already ordered a bolt on 'Hercules' Hanger for my son's guitar simply because there is no floor space left in his room. There's a shelf following the perimeter of the room for an electric train, that I'll be able to safely anchor the guitar hanger to.

The president of design and budget (the wife), objected to having guitar wall hanger in my daughters room. I'm planning to start building (as soon as it's above freezing out in my shop) a pair of armoires for her room and will add a guitar hanger to the side of one at a height she can manage.

For my hollow body, I'm designing a thin 'hide-away' cabinet that will fit between a dresser and wall, that will have a hanger on a panel that will pull out (like a drawer) to load and unload, and slide back in to conceal & protect the guitar. Again, I won't start making sawdust until it warms up a bit.

We're also setting up an area down in the basement with bar stools, a couch, track lighting and a halfstack for the kids and their friends to hangout and "shred". The floor stands will end up down there.

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