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Full Scalloped Neck, Fixed Bridge Or Floyd?

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I"ve got a neck that I'm going to do a full scallop on the fretboard, then i'm going to build a new body and use some leftover parts to finish it off. The one thing I'm missing is a bridge. I can't make up my mind to go with a floyd or a fixed bridge.

This is basically going to be a shredding super strat, and the floyd suits that concept. The downside is that it's more expensive, more work, and I'm not sure if the floating bridge creates any problems when doing crazy scallop fb vibrato etc. I'm quite used to the fact that when you bend a string on a floyd the others go out of tune. I'm wondering if this is more of a problem on scallop boards, where you can vary the force you fret a note with much more effect than on a standard board.

The fixed bridge would be less expensive and less work, in addition to being more stable should I do any of that crazy vibrato, string bends, with all the other strings being held constant.

The problem is, I have only played on scalloped guitars a few times and I don't remeber how this worked. I am crazy for even asking this? I don't know, I'm hoping you guys can tell me. I'm on the fence now, but if I floyd is going to cause me more stability problems, I'm going fixed.

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There's nothing wrong with a floyd and a scalloped board. I have a friend that has that exact thing and it works fine, he plays it live with his band it's great. Really, we can't decide for you. The question is do you want to have a whammy bar? Another suggestion would be Kahler. I know Wes loves those.

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I personally have a scalloped board with an OFR. Having a scalloped fretboard will require you to change your playing style a little bit. You'll have to fret lighter, but it'll train you to be able to play faster, as you'll be spending less energy pressing the string down. As far as bends go, the other strings will go out of tune just as much as usual. You'll just have to play correctly in order to get the sound you want.

"When people ask me how I get my sound, I tell them that the sound comes from your fingers. You can make any settings sound good if you play your instrument correctly."

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