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Best Way To Fix This Neck Pocket Tearout?

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Well I learned my lesson. I drilled screw holes for the neck after routing the pocket out and didn't clamp any wood in the pocket to minimize tear out. Bottom line is I got some tear out while drilling one the holes.

What's the best way to fix this, as I know a level surface is crucial here. Epoxy, wood putty, wood filler? Or don't worry about it? Thanks in advance.

Here's a pic:


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That's not too bad. The screws are going to just go through the neck pocket holes, and only bite into the neck itself anyway. You can either not worry about it, clean it up (if I were cleaning it up, I'd probably route out a circle just wide and deep enough to take out the tear-out, and inlay a new piece into it), or fill it with epoxy or wood filler.

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