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Help A Newbie - Stripping An Electric Guitar


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I am preparing for a guitar build and I'm using a cheap fender (squire) body. It's currently red and I want to get the finish off enough to where I can dye and tung oil it. What is the best method of removing the finish? I have read that factory guitar finishes are very hard to remove with chemicals but the idea of sanding the entire thing clean isn't so appealing either. I would appreciate any feedback that can be offered.

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Hi, and welcome to the forum. I´m sure some others with more experience will chime in. However, if you didn´t get to read the tutorials on the main site, you can click here. Heat, chemicals, or sanding are the only ways I´m aware of stripping a finish off.

Yes, I did read all three - just wondering which method would be better for the squire. I read some place (maybe here) the chem is not the best way for a factory finish.

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Thanks to all...I ended up saying "to hell with it" and buying a 60 style swamp ash body for the build. I didn't think the work to sand off all that nasty finish would be worth it om the squire body...

Probably better off with that option - very possible that the wood beneath the paint on the Squire wouldn't have been that great anyway :D

Jim :D

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