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Sealer And Subsequent Clear Coats

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Hey I thought I had done the relevant research about finishing but I've now confused my self thinking about it lol so just wanner ask and check a few things.

I sanded the neck up to 180 and have started to apply sealer to fill the wenge pores, I am then going to sand back with 180

Do I leave a coat of sealer to put clear coats on top of, or do I sand back to the wood and then put clear straight on to the bare but sealed wood?

When I have sanded back the sealer on the surface should I then take the wood up to 320 before going for the clear coat?

Any one know how long acrylic lacquer takes to cure? Is it not like nitro I can basically just leave it as long as it says on the tin and then start sanding it up to 2000 or w.e?

(Is 2000 a good grit to sand cured clear coat to?)

Thanks :D


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