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I Need A Neck- Bass


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My son had a Kramer Focus 7000 guitar 'lying' around. I decided to be a great dad and have it 'tuned'. Turns out the neck truss rod is damaged. Mechanic showed me that it is at it's limit and when strung, it's bow was dramatic.

Can I get a neck to fit that body so I don't lose on the rest of the bass? Technician said that the electronics were fine. The body is flawless...no nicks, etc. A shame to dump an instrument because of the neck.

P.S...I did the E-Bay search...no Kramer Focus 7000's.

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You could try www.warmoth.com but the necks there might cost more than the bass is worth. If you do find a replacement neck, you need to know the scale length, width at the nut, width at the end of the fretboard, and the tenon demensions. From the quick search I did on these basses there in the $300 range, correct? If your son is serious about playing, it might be worth it to get a whole new bass. Possibly sell the old one on ebay or something to not have it be a total loss.

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take your car to a mechanic... take your guitar to a luthier :D

seriously, truss rods do get damaged but get us some clear pics and we may be able to suggest if a neck replacement is the only option.

from the pics i can see it does look like the kramer is a P-bass style instrument so a replacement fender neck may very well fit, but dont assume that it will without checking first.. actually they look fairly nice

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