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7 String Question

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As far as I know there are no Tele style bridges for sevenstrings on the market right now. A guy on sevenstring.org had made a batch some time ago but I think he has already sold them all and has no intentions to make more of them.

Your best bet would be to either join sevenstring.org and ask around if someone is willing to part with his bridge or make one yourself. This might not be too hard as it´s basically an steel angle which could be rigged with aftermarket saddles. However the problem would be to get the thing plated.

As far as neck templates go it´s not so easy to answer.

A nut width of 48mm is pretty common with sevenstrings. This would give you a string spacing of 42mm (B to e). Take this, your scale length and the string spacing of your bridge and go from there.

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