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Anybody Have Experience With Dobro/resonator Guitars?

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hi all,

I'm new to this forum, I've been an avid reader of all the various topics, and this forum has helped me so much! but i can't seem to find anything on Steel body resonator guitars; i've built a few electrics, and have been doing research to build my very first acoustic (yay!!!!) My grandfather has demonstrated major interest in steel body resonator guitars, and since i have access to a mill, as well as a CNC machine (maybe), I deceided to do some research, since his 70th birthday is coming up.... And i can't find anything anywhere about the bracing on the inside of the guitar, National has one picture of the guitar on its website under the R&D section of it's shop tour slide show


But it doesnt give me enough information.

basically what i need to know is:

-is it steel or some other sort of material (aluminum?)

-what are the bracing patterns?

-i've noticed that the neck acctually continues through the body, how is it fastened?

- if theres anyone with pictures of ripped apart ones i'd greatly appreciate seeiong them

Also I've been toying with the idea of attempting to design an adjustable nut, or neck, much like a floyd rose, or a babicaz (Sp?) spyder acoustic. Anythoughts?

Thanks Much

God of Thunder.... well sort of :D

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The body is plated brass. The sides are weld or soldered to the top and back. There are no bracing at all. The neck continues althrough the body? Whell maybe. There is something called a "neck stick" that is going trought the body but I don have more info thatn that.

There are a link on this page:


that migh give you some ideas about the neck attachment.

And some more here:


...whait... a bit of googling gave me this:


explains the neckstick and neck attachment a bit better than I was able to do.

And more (same neck stick pic):



some more info:


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