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New Design Idea

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There are limitless things you could tweak... body shape (make it a little more offset), horns (longer, shorter, different relative to each other), etc. etc. etc.

The thing that jumps out at me from your EBMM pic is the forearm contour. Maybe change the body shape a bit to make it your own, and use a similar forearm contour. Or incorporate similar contours into other parts of the guitar.

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Take measurements between the widest and thinnest part of the body, the horns, and anything else you feel like. Then draw your center line on a piece of poster board (for a full size template) and play around with changing where your measurements are centered and angling your measurements.

Example: I took all the measurements for my guitar off a picture of an Ibanez artcore. The width at the widest part was 15". The center of that was at 7.5". I dropped the center an inch so there was 6.5" above the center and 8.5" below and angled the line. I did that with different measurements and ended up with a guitar looking like a mix of an artcore, tele, and jag.

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