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Installing A Tune-o-matic Bridge And Drilling Holes

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I plan on making a guitar with a tune-o-matic bridge and I've never done this before. What kind of tune-o-matic bridges are easier to use because I've read about the original tune-o-matic, the modern and the refined one as well. I also wanted to do a string through body design that you see on on some Flying Vs but I have no idea how this works. I drill a hole and what do I do with the hole to make sure the string doesn't come out when I feed the string through it? Please give me your input. It would be much appreciated. I've done searches for this, but I have not read anything that would help. Thank you.

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I'm not sure about different TOM set-ups but I used one with a sting though on my last build and it was pretty straight forward.


As for the string through ... larger ferrules inserted into the back of the guitar hold the ball end of the string in place ... smaller ferrules on the front make it look pretty (and stop the strings cutting into the body). You can get both types of ferrules all over the place ... but take a look at Stewmac to see what I'm referring to.

Stewmac ferrules

As with any part of guitar building ... measure twice, and drill (or cut) once.

Depending on what type of drill set up you have, you might find it easier to drill your (larger) string holes into the back but only go half way through. Then turn the body over and drill the smaller holes from the front. That way you shouldn't go out of alignment and have unevenly spaced string holes.


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