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Discoloration On Tiger Maple Neck

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A while back, a guy made me a neck that he bought from Carvin, and he sanded the neck down to get a better profile. Then he coated it in high gloss polyurethayne. Now there's a bunch of spots on the back of the neck right along the center that look exactly like what you just posted in that picture. So I'm curious as well. Hopefully someone has an answer!

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Hmm, curious. Have you tried wiping it down with some acetone or anything? So long as its unfinished and not stained, you would be fine to try it. Just put some on a towel and wipe it on the stain see what happens. Sometimes things leak or spill or end up where they shouldn't and you can get random things in random places. I've had some funny strains occur from some adhesive getting stuck in some strange places and then picking up small dirt particles and end up looking like a stain, I've also had someone else spill some type of chemical, I think some type of insecticide on my neck blank and not tell me. So, you just never know sometimes.You said its unfinished, that means no finish, but is it complete, have you tried using it to play guitar with yet?

I'd try wiping it down see what happens. For those like narc's buddy I don't know how you could try cleaning it on a finished neck. I know some chemicals would be safe to try, but I'd probably call the manufacturer to see what product they suggest for cleaning.

There has been a discussion somewhere on this site about finishes and body chemistry. Some people might have a certain body chemistry that eats the finish, other may turn the finish black. In that case if the stuff is cleanable, then I'd clean and wipe it down after every use. Anyhow, interesting post, I'm sure someone here will have an idea of what that stuff is and how to fix it. J

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I had just gotten to the point of cutting my string slots and noticed it when I was putting the on the body. I had not applied any finish yet. I could even sand it lightly.

I had a thought a minute ago. I had made 2 radiused stand-like blocks for the neck to set on when I wasn't working on it. They are a 2 x 4 with a piece of carpet superglued in the curve. I noticed that the color is about where it sat in the front block. Nothing at the point of the second, but the neck was also going into the heel so less contact. I wonder if the carpet is pulling something out.

I am not sure it is clear in the picture, but that is some red to the discoloration.

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