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Need Repair Advice On 1981 Gibson Explorer

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I have an 1981 gibson explorer that the neck has become partially separated from the body .It is what i believe is called a set neck design basically it is glued on.The neck is not separated much and i am wondering if i inject glue into the crack and clamp it back into position will that work . i have enclosed a picture with a guitar pick shoved into the crack http://profile.imageshack.us/user/scubb/im...im000139pq8.jpg

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To do the job properly, I would heat up the neck joint and separate the neck from the body. I would then clean the neck tenon and body mortise from all the glue.

Only when everything is nice and clean would I reglue the neck in.

You should be able the clean off the glue with some warm water, a little area at a time.

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