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Installing Pups


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i got this pickguard for an ibanez rg. when i got it i can't figure out if i can install my pickups. I've never seen a pickguard like this. the guys that made it were huge tools. The pickguard is the same shape as the pickup holes in the guitar and the only way i can attached them is to screw on top of the pickguard. I'm thinking of sawing off the corners so i can fit the pickups through the guard. These pics should explain everything. I got dimarzio evolutions, Help please.



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i gave the guy the model number of the guitar and he made a pickguard. I don't really know what that means if you could elaborate or tell me what to do.

EDIT: i just looked up direct mount pickups and i think that might be the case, which sucks. Know i think im just gunna install the pickups then cut out the pickguard so it will fit around unless there's a better course of action.

these are the pickups i have, they don't say if theyre direct mount or not, the originals that came with the guitar def aren't.


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