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Newbie Needs Help With String Thru Design

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I have a SG copy body that I want to make a string thru. Here's the body:


How far back from the bridge should the ferrules be located? I plan on using a Nashville TOM.

Also, what determines the ferrule placement and spacing?

My Deans are string thru with the ferrules in an upside down V, I have seen Fenders in a straight line, etc. Does it really matter or does the design of the ferrule placement affect tone amd/or sustain? I was thinking about a backwards C or upside down V design.

All help is appreciated!

Btw, I'm using this BC Rich neck, 24 fret, 24.75 scale.


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im not sure im undestanding your question

but if i am right you are talking about the distance of the top ferrules like on this guitar


what i could see effecting the tone is the angle that the string is from the bridge (further away would be a larger angle, closer would be smaller)

It is a very similar argument with the headstock angle, and conciquently the angle that the strings are from the nut.

After you have your bridge placment from the page that Rick500 gave in the post above you could take the distance of the ferrulles from the bridge into consideration

for what its worth i use my own hipshot style bridges so the angle of my strings to the bridge is nearly 90 degrees.

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Ferrule placement is entirely your choice.

You need to be careful that the angle of the string is not so sharp that the string binds on the edge of the bridge, other than that do what you want :D

Cool, thats what I was hoping. Your suggestion about the string angle and bridge contact was confirmed by my guitar instructor at my lesson tonight. :D

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