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Ibanez Swirl paint finish

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Hey guys... well I've been scouring the net and cant find any info at all on this. I'm looking for the process of getting that swirl finish on the MC jems. I'm looking to know how its done and using what paints??? Oils??? I really have know idea but thought it would be fun trying to find out... maybe you guys could do a feature on this proecss of a lesson? If anyone knows some useful info I'd be very grateful!!!!!

Happy days... wOOt

Matia ( aka lee )

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I've actually come across a guy who says there are two ways of doing it. The first is to get the finish done using silk screen printing and then bond this using the material finishing method. The other more interesting one is that you get a vat of water large enough to fit your guitar body into... then prime your guitar and let it dry and insert it into the tank. Once you have done this select your chosen colours... ( USING OIL PAINTS ONLY ) and put them into the tank. With them being oils they will sit on the surface of the water and when you drag the body back hrough these colours you will get your "swirl"effect. I'm not entirely sure how reliable the second option is but I'm currently running a couple of experiments... so I'll keep you posted! Cellulose paint might work quite well but is obviously highly dangerous...

Anyways if anyone else has any idea or thoughts let me know! party

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