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Some more of the guitars I made, and some factory guitars (hanging out).

One SC during construction with solid paduak body and pickguard. Don't know about the trem., but the wheels are from Schaller. The pickups are Kent Armstrong with an amber see through finish. Remember it was quite heavy.


One SC with walnut body and neck, the hardware and pu's are from schaller.


Hanging out with some of the guitars from the custom workshop. There is one 62 Strat, one 58 Junior, and two LP:s (one reissue LP Standard 58 from the 70:s)


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i see you like your Schaller products. :D

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Hi Hyunsu,

I think walnut and maple will sound'great. Walnut is a great wood for stringed instruments with good acoustic properties, but there are a slight variation among the different species of walnut.

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Dang Vendel, not only do you have killer guitars, you're also drop dead sexy. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty sure that I'm straightly straight, but you look like you could've made a living as a model if guitarplaying hadn't worked out for you

so long


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