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I have done a lot of online research on making a guitar. This will be my first attempt, and having very little to do with electric guitars ( I play classical and acoustic ) could any one furnish me with a shopping list.

I am planning it around a strat with 2 pickups ..... but open to suggestions many thanx :D

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First off I would get a copy of a book, I've got Melvin Hiscocks although there are others that some people prefer.

Are you going to build the neck or buy one? If you build a neck the cost of tools will go up quite a bit.

Anyway, I'm using:

Jigsaw, Router, Wood saw, Surform (instead of plane), Large sanding block, Loads of sandpaper (and I do mean loads), workmate, clamps (you can never have enough clamps), straight edge, t square, glue.

That should be enough to get going with. More info on the guitar would help though. Are you making the fretboard or buying a preslotted one?

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The parts list on stewmac is here.

Just to make it nice and clear:


1 x Body (or blank if building from scratch)

1 x Neck (or neck blank, fingerboard and nut if building from scratch)

Electrical bits

1 x 5-way selector switch

1 x volume (logarithmic - sp?) pot

2 x tone (linear) pots

1 x Mono 1/4" jack socket

2 x Strap buttons

2 x string trees (some use only one....)

Wire (shielded or ordinary single/multi core)


1 x Pickguard (or blank if from scratch....im getting tired of typing that B) )

2 x Pickups (i assume you mean humbuckers)

3 x Control knobs (1 volume, 2 tone)

1 x set of 6-in-a-row machine heads

1 x neck anchor plate

1 x set of strings (probably 9's for a strat)

1 x Bridge (hardtail) or tremolo (6 x string ferrules will be needed if using a hardtail with strings thru the body)


If ive missed anything, im sure someone will spot it and fill in the gaps...and like hotrock said, a big book to learn how to do it all :D

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Humbucker: A combination of two pickup coils in one cover. The two coils are wired together in series/ out of phase to eliminate hum. Thus the term Humbucker..

Seth Lover designed the first one for Gibson in the late 50's. He then applied for a patent (PAF) when he discovered that two single-coils can be connected together in a certain way to make a hum-canceling pickup. PAF(patent applied for) was written on the actual pickups since they didn't have the patent for it just yet, thus the reason those early pickups was called PAF.

As far as StewMac goes, they don't have a UK store as far as I know about. StewMac is slightly higher than most places, but they have great support and quick service so that helps out alot.

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I got the wood and most of the hardware (in a complete set) from a place called Craft Supplies in Buxton. Phone them and they'll send you a catalogue.

Got my truss rod and nut from Touchstone Tonewood (because craft supplies had run out).

Also try David Dyke luthier supplies.

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