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Online Router Bit Resharpening Places?

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I'm looking for an online router bit resharpening place that I could mail my dull bits to for resharpening. My bits are pretty dull, so I'd rather not try to sharpen them myself. I'm located in the US.

Does anyone have any recommendations or any experience with particular shops?


Try locally on craigslist. There is always a guy with a van that will come around and sharpen stuff.

Personally Unless a router bit was expensive I recommend file 13 and purchase new. I just don't like sharpening carbide... paranoid of implosion I guess :D


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Sharpening services fall into to categories, waste of money and excellent service.

I will pass on the van guy here's why.

I have sent my blades back to the manufacturer to be sharpened only to find they did half a job. This was Forrest Saw Blade Company in NJ. Wound up talking to one of the owners and had to send my blades back to be done again. Of course if you are sharpening $100 saw blades you expect them to be sharp when you get them back especially when they made the blades. Always check your blades when they come back. Take off the plastic dip.

I have dealt with local saw blade sharpening services when I worked in a small shop and found their over all consistency lacking. One week its good and the next the blade lasts 1/2 the time because only half the teeth were properly ground. I mean you may have an excellent local service near by? You really need people who care and CNC equipment costing tens of thousands of dollars to get the job done right. You don't want to be hacking through the wood rather than cutting it cleanly thats why you are getting your bits sharpened.

Then the cost. I have seen prices to sharpen router bits cost almost as much as a new Chinese bit. So be careful if the cost is just as much as a new bit buy a new bit. Of course a cheap diamond file will go far in keeping a dull bit running a few more times. Only sharpen the flats in the flutes, not the bevel.

OK this is the last service I used to sharpen about 10 saw blades and I will give them my next order as well. All my blades came out just the way I would expect to see them. Their Router bit price are also reasonable so cheap bits will probably cut better after a $4 sharpening.

Dynamic Saw blade Sharpening

Good luck

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Thanks for the link, I have some bits that are getting close to needing sharpening and will be giving these guys a shot. In the mean time the diamond stone will have to keep me going. The straight flute bits really aren't that bad. A few swipes down the flat and it seems to do the job and gets back to cutting nicely. Not like new, but well.

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