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Pre Stain Conditoner?


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Can anyone recommend a pre stain wood conditioner?


If you need a pre stain conditioner you must be using pine? Then paint it.

Most finishes are color tinted the wood is not stained directly. Most instrument grade wood will stain without a conditioner. Try testing samples of the wood you are using.

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Hi Guys. I'm going to be staining Alder, i was told it mght stain a bit blotchy

OK you got me there... But I would still tint the finish if I were doing it.

You can wipe the surface with alcohol to see where your blotching will occur. If you see any darker area this will be where the stain will absorb into the wood faster.

A wash coat of a very thin shellac then sand back the shellac with 220 grit paper. Also sanding the wood first to 400 grit will reduce blotching.

Also a commercial conditioner should work. If its water based make sure you pre raise the grain with a damp rag and sand the grain down before you apply water based conditioner to the wood.

Link to staining Alder Discussion

Hope this helps.

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