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1/16" Dremel Router Bit


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Besides stewmac does anyone know where I can find a 1/16" router bit for a dremel. I could use one for routing rosettes but all I can find are grout removal bits and the stewmac ones are overpriced.

The only issue is the Stumac are down cut bits and most other inexpensive sources are upcut bits in those sizes. I have heard that more flutes are better with the upcut. Oh we are talking about milling bits not router bits since there is really no difference except cost and number of flutes in these sizes. Always look for center cutting milling bits.

Enco $4.95 special 1/16 x 1/8 shank upcut bit

I have started to look at dental burrs but they are not 1/8" shank but 3/32. So without an adapter collet you cannot use them in a dremel. They also come in very very small sizes and are inexpensive.

Maybe someone has a cheap downcut 1/8 shank source I would be interested in that.

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