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How Is Everyone? Sorry It's Been A While!


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Hi guys,

I now it's been a long time since posting, it's just been really busy down here! Tons of new inlays have been done, but the most important one recently has been my Martin showpiece one off. I have not been able to up date my site as well for over a year, so that is in the works.

Hope everyone is doing great, saw Drak came back to say high, and guess I was inspired :D ..

Maybe I can get some more images up soon,

Thanks so much,

P.S.- Hey Brian- the site is still looking great!

Thanks for looking!

Craig Lavin






It was for the recent 2009 NAMM show, and it's already sold.

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That is the most amazing inlay work I have ever seen, a word that is used far too often springs instantly to mind and is completely justified in this case................awesome!

Jim :D

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Thanks as always guys.

I'll try to post a bit more if and when I can, there is another big marine life project (even though I do more styles than that) finishing up soon, we'll see if that can be posted. It will make this one seem smallish..

Thanks again for looking!

Craig L


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I acctually froze and rubbed my eyes when I saw that first pic. I struggle to believe a human could even make something like that. I will never see better than this. Amazing work. I'm even gonna put it as my desktop background. Thanks so so so much for sharing, it made my day.

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