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Trussrod Adjustment At Pickup Cavity ?


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Does this idea about trussrod adjustment at neckpickup cavity sound good ?

Or is it too much trouble to remove the pickup so you can make adjustments with truss rod ?

What would it be like if you leave some space between fretboard and pickup and put truss rod access there, so you dont need to remove pickup when you want to adjust the trussrod ?

I ´m talking about electric guitar(s) here.

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i did it on a sg where the pup was right against the fb;

i wouldnt do it again, but thats because i didnt like the pup right against the board;

personally i find the heel access waay better than having something else purtruding from the headstock;

taking out the pickup may be a pain ,but how often are you going to really have to adjust the rod if your in a relatlvely stable enviroment? maybe once a year? its definatly better than fender style, where you remove the neck, and have to completly re-assemble it hoping you cranked it enough.

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My opinion is that removing the pickup might be marginally better than removing the neck - but both are a royal pain compared to pulling off a trussrod cover on the headstock. :D

And considering moving the pickup away from the neck, are you going to be moving it out of the optimum spot just for truss rod access? I certainly wouldn't do that.

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i have done it before and it works alright.

ok, heel and pickup cavity adjustments do take longer and can be a bit annoying... but if you make it well enough you shouldnt have to do it often

i only really do it when i am building something with a skinny neck

but just to throw another option out there... have you considered getting a spoke wheel truss rod?

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have you considered getting a spoke wheel truss rod?

I think thats a closed option for me, cause the truss rod is there and fretboard is glued.

Only thing I have to decide is where I am gonna dig hole for neckpickup.

I don't know about that optimum spot thing, cause pickup is gonna be "out of place" anyway, compared to factory made guitars with 22 frets. The fretboard I am using is for 24 frets and guitar I´m building is a neckthru SG.

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