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About To Stain Basswood Green...sanding Sealer? Also, Binding Question

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hey guys! okay, continuing on with my neverending ibanez rg7421 refinish project....

i've now sanded down the entire body, and have found to my great fortune that the wood doesn't look bad at all! its a 3 piece body, with the center piece being a somewhat dark half inch piece of basswood running dead on down the centrer of the guitar. its much the same way a lot of neck-thrus are.

here's my plan... i want to stain that center strip a nice reddish brown, and stain the rest of the body with a green minwax stain that i found at Lowes. i was also planning on doing the old 'natural binding' trick around the edge of the body, using automotive pinstriping tape.

here's my questions... will i need to use a sanding sealer first before i start staining?

are there any precautions i should take trying to stain that middle strip? If i tape it off either with frog tape or automotive pinstripe tape will the stain bleed through?

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For basswood I would have sealed it,then use a translucent color coat,not stain...

+1, and I would stay away from Sanding Sealer, just use straight lacquer. I used to be a big advocate of SS but all the guitars that I have done with it need refinishing now. It is just too soft of a coat to withstand the abuse of a guitar player, even inside a guitar case it gets marred.

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