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Back of neck shape

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I figure you'd spend just as much time, if not more, making curved wooden templates as you would carving the actual neck. I take LOTS of measurements and mark everything out. The rest is just shaping and sanding until it feels right.

If there is a certain neck that you'd like to reproduce over and over again you might make a template out of some sort of formable material like fibreglass. Put a heavy layer of wax on the neck, lay on the fibreglass and then let it cure. There is a new process being used in the boatbuilding field called vaccuum infusion molding. After the material is laid down a plastic bag is put over the piece and all the air is sucked out with a strong vaccuum. Wax should prevent the mold(s) from sticking to the wood. You could then cut your mold into sections and check the progress of your shaping with each piece.

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play around with resizing these, then print them off and check them with a ruler... once you have them actual size then trace them onto your wood or what ever you'r going to make the template out of...


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he's right though, it's going to take you a while to make a good set of templates, but if all you want is a specific neck over and over then go for it! otherwise i'de just print them off and cut the paper real good and use it carefully, no need to make a wooden template.

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