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Locking Nut On Charvel Model 4

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I just replaceb the nut on my Charvel Model 4 with a new graphite nut and I want to change the locking nut or modify it at least.

Because the B string is pulled on to the screw of the nut because of the jackson/charvel string tee angels.

Here is a link to a locking nut just like mine.

I would prefer to not drill any holes on the guitar itself but I don't mind modifying the nut.

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That's not actually a locking nut, it's a Kahler string lock that goes behind the nut.

I understand what you're talking about, the same thing happens with my Model 4 but it's never been an issue for me personally. If you're really adamant about finding a solution, pull the string lock off and replace your tuning machines with locking tuners - they perform the same function.

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