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Stew Mac Fretboard Locking Nut Prep

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I am going to get a preslotted fretboard from stewmac for my next build. It will have a floyd on it so it will have a locking nut. I was wondering if any of you have done this? I was either going to build a jig for my router to set on so I can route the nut area from the top or try to set something up on my drill press to route the correct path out so the nut will fit. Any recommendations......or better yet pictures of your set up?

Thanks for any info


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Thanks for the reply. I guess I can double stick tape the fretboard down to my flat work bench, put two pieces of wood next to the fretboard that are thicker than the fretboard, get another piece of wood to span the fretboard and run a pattern bit over the top to route the channel. Can't just clamp a straight edge to it the boards are pre-radiused.


Matthew :D

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StewMac used to sell a special jig that clamped onto the neck. Then along with that, they had a special replacement base for the Dremel router base (the plastic one made by Dremel). And I think you were supposed to use a certain Dremel bit.

I made my own version in 1992. It's now missing some parts, and it was never an exact copy of the StewMac one. I wanted mine to work with my own home-made replacement Dremel router base. Plus I wanted mine to have 2 "fences" for the router base to ride between (stewmac one just had one fence)

On the bottom I put two nylon rods which sat over the frets (one rod missing in photo). Of course it also took a couple clamps and curved neck blocks to fit against the back of the neck.

I even routed 1/8" wide Fender style nut slots with this thing (flat bottomed slots, of course).

Probably not the best design, but that's what I came up with as a green 24 year old.

I hold on to it just in case, but haven't used it since I can't remember when.

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